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An offer that you can't resist! High speed VPS combined with the best-selling cPanel license starting at Rs. 1300/month only! Experience the high performance with the best VPS hosting in India. Red Server Host is India's one of the best, cheapest and top VPS seller in India. Along with cPanel license you can easily manage your VPS even if you know little or no linux. You get the fastest full control VPS with full root access. Built-with advanced technologies, we use KVM virtualization platform for our Linux VPS. The features provided at such low cost price along with our quality support cannot be matched by any other vendor. The resources provided can be scaled as per your business growth. And the best news is, unlike many providers out there, we don’t charge any setup fee.

The VPS comes with full root access which allows administrator access over your hosting environment, along with latest version of CentOS and cPanel license. You also get a VPS server-management panel through which you can easily manage your VPS. You can expand your resources anytime as you require!

Red Server Host has proved itself in the hosting industry market to be one of the best VPS seller. You can also club your VPS with our cheapest domain prices.

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Service Name CPU Web Space Port Speed RAM Disk Type No. of Accounts cPanel License (Inclusive) Final Price Buy Now
Red5Combo 2 Core 300 GB 100 Mbit/s port 4 GB HDD Unlimited cPanel accounts Yes 3450/Month Order Now
Red6Combo 4 Core 700 GB 100 Mbit/s port 10 GB HDD Unlimited cPanel accounts Yes 4220/Month Order Now
Red7Combo 6 Core 1400 GB 1 Gbit/s port 20 GB HDD Unlimited cPanel accounts Yes 4800/Month Order Now
Red8Combo 4 Core 200 GB 200 Mbit/s port 8 GB SSD Unlimited cPanel accounts Yes 3870/Month Order Now
Red9Combo 6 Core 400 GB 400 Mbit/s port 16 GB SSD Unlimited cPanel accounts Yes 5000/Month Order Now
Red10Combo 8 Core 800 GB 600 Mbit/s port 30 GB SSD Unlimited cPanel accounts Yes 6000/Month Order Now
Red11Combo 10 Core 1600 GB 1 Gbit/s port 60 GB SSD Unlimited cPanel accounts Yes 7800/Month Order Now

What is the HDD, SSD-boosted and 100% SSD VPS?

HDD : This type of VPS is deployed from main server which has SATA Hard Disk. SATA usually has a read/write speed of near about 75MBPS

SSD-Boosted : This type of VPS is deployed from main server which has SATA and a virtualization software is installed in SSD Hard Disk. This type of hard disk usually has 100 MBPS of Read/Write speed.

100% SSD : This type of VPS is deployed from main server which has 100% SSD Hard Disk. This usually has 1GBPS of Read/Write speed.

What all do I get with my VPS?

? Free setup and installation
? cPanel License
? Virtualized by KVM
? Secure Environment
? Pre-installed Linux Centos
? Upgrade anytime
? Root Access
? Full Control
? Dedicated Resources
? Litespeed
? 1-Click SSL
? Imunify360

Choose Red Server Host to get India's best VPS experience for the lowest price! Get your own linux server, take full control into your own hands & enjoy the high performance of your website with dedicated resources!

The first month duration for server will be of 28 days only. This has been done to compensate the setup cost and time. However, if you buy server for more than 1 month then you can get full 30 days even for the first month.